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Children often find Indian classical music daunting, uninspiring and meant for grown ups. Swarpeti breaks this perception and takes children on a magical journey to understand and engage with music through an amalgamation of colours, sound and light.

Each of the seven notes (swars) is said to have originated from the voice of an animal. Each swar also has a unique colour and mood associated with it (refer: Raag Rang). Two pop-up books weave these aspects into a narrative and follow the story of Kaga, a curious little crow, on a quest to uncover the secrets of Indian classical music. 

A swar-seeti (pitch pipe) accompanies the books, enabling the readers to play and hear the swars as they learn about them. The pop-ups illuminate to reveal the colour associated with each swar.

Featured in Banglore Mirror (4 December 2016)

Featured in Brown Paper Bag (2 December 2016)

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